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Mothers of the bride or groom dresses & outfits -
personally designed and created to fit you perfectly.

Custom making your dress ensures you will get exactly the style you want and that it will fit you perfectly. These two qualities are impossible to get in a bought dress, which is why d'Italia is so popular for the custom-making of beautiful dresses for the Mother of the Bride or Groom.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride Clothing, Custom Designed Dresses

d'Italia loves bridal mums...!


We at d'Italia know first-hand how frustrating it is that there are no appropriate ready-made garments for most bridal mums to buy, let alone even try on for ideas.

Bridal mums want to feel comfortable and - above all - confident in their presentation on a day which is very important to them on a personal level, as it is a day to celebrate a huge milestone as a mother.

Looking "the part" is essential, as bridal mums are not just regular guests at their child's wedding - and this is where d'Italia steps in as an expert in styling and dressmaking for mums of any age.  The choice of fabrics available at d'Italia ranges from classy casual to very formal, to suit younger mums and also the more mature mums who don't want to look "nanna".  Fabrics include collections made in Italy from European designer labels (such as Gucci and Versace), and also exquisite French laces and embellished trims.

With years of experience in designing and professional custom making for bridal mums in particular, the staff at d'Italia will ensure that you will feel confident and beautiful on what is equally your special day...

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Mother of the Bride
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